The apology

Sorry. Sorry! Oh, I’m sorry!

If you’ve ever been in the UK, you’ve heard this word innumerable times.

Every time people do something, say, inappropriate – like unintentionally bumping into someone while walking, asking to quickly move aside, opening a door when one is coming through—doesn’t matter what it is—the word Sorry will be always echoing sharp.

It must be a sort of a local habit type of thing, that kind of politeness that mainly expresses fake and uninterested platitudes rather than truly kind intentions. That is, people don’t really mean it. It will always be a mean ploy, a shitty apology to veil a repellent so-what attitude. It’s a lie!

But then though, you figure it’s not a cultural thing at all. And it should be clear by now that I’m not referring to Britons or their manners. As all people just act alike. All people can build a rather good apology to beautify their lies – the truths they seek to convince themselves with in the first place.

A lie.
She. Manically dancing and partying – her birthday – her infinite beauty that hits so damn hard on everybody. The night is feisty, and so is she. And she keeps quaffing alcohol rashly, sticking her deadly lips deep in bottles tops – to feel happy, to kill that loneliness, that emptiness somebody dug in her. To feel like feeling nothing, to stiffen those muscles that cause emotional pain: love. And she gets lost in all that, she lets herself go on the dancefloor, she abandons her cause the same way it abandoned her. She embraces that positive vibe. And goes down pretty hard. 

She rubs against many, and then against him, modelling her body on his shapes, adapting her curves to his lust. And he doesn’t miss the chance. He knows it’s the right time to take advantage of her.

She turns, they kiss – arousal, she feels it.

Everybody turns the other way. Nobody is watching. Nobody wants to be carrying the burden of what they see happening.

But then though, she regains control, she drains alcohol through her thick tears. She runs away, and she knows that was a mistake. She dashes into her friend’s arms. Shuttered. Crying. 

Now she has to lie. Quickly.

And she gains compassion. Empathy.
Poor little thing. She only wanted to forget him, to go over and start over. She was just in pain. She didn’t mean to let herself go. She was just in love.

It’s because I love him and he just rejects me! It’s his fault damn it! ‘He made me do it. He dragged me into that. I didn’t mean to…’

Sorry. Sorry! Oh, I’m sorry!

You know. Every time people do something, say, inappropriate, the word Sorry will be always echoing sharp.





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