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Jim Esposito

My name is Jim and I’m a storyteller.

Storyteller sounds damn cool, right?!

Well, unfortunately, this is not the cool case and I don’t stand among those educational and cultural narratives or the advertising whizzes; I’m just a shitty storyteller who has a very bad addiction for pizza. But more importantly, I’m Italian.

Yeah, I know…

When I first moved to London, I discovered the neverending beauty of this city – its secrets, its dynamics, its people – as well as I started facing awkward circumstances, misunderstandings and bizarre facts, mostly under the same thread: being lost in translation. Because if languages often play odd tricks, so do relationships at any level.

The more I’ve been living this city, the more I’ve been learning about insane situations my fellow Londoners have experienced – where for Londoners I mainly refer to people who live in London but don’t belong here. And what London does to these people…?!

So this is what gave life to The Britalian Post: all those insane everyday stories and fun facts about how to adapt to this city and how to become a Londoner from a foreigner’s perspective.

This being said, please feel totally free to share with me any thoughts, appreciations, suggestions, insults, swear words – or maybe your story (please do!). You can also pop me an email or follow The Britalian Post on social media (please do!).

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