What is this all about?

It all happened when I stepped out of the door and found myself in a bunch of situations among extravagant though at times extraordinary people. Oh boy!

Who is this? My name is Jim. I’m just a regular guy who has lived insane experiences and thought they were worth sharing. Speaking true, I was born Italian but have lived abroad for a while, meaning that I’ve had the opportunity of experiencing awkward circumstances, misunderstandings and bizarre facts, all under the same thread: being lost in translation. Yes I’m positive, that’s more or less what happened. Languages often play odd tricks, so do relationships at any level, and I’m quite sure I acted as a good target for those – unless it was just bad luck or precious fortune, depending on the point of view. 

In a way, I’ve been Italian (mostly!), I’ve been American, I’ve been English (mostly?), and this mix gave me the stupendous idea (buuuuu!) for creating the title The Britalian Post.

Just so you know, I’m no blogger, no writer, no digital savvy, no social media expert, no photographer nor graphic designer. I’ve only been collecting stories and daily happenings, whether they’re mine or someone else’s, that one day I simply decided to write down. Therefore, I wish you’ll forgive me if the blog appearance and all the images don’t look pretty and the writing style still needs deep grammatical and syntactical revisions. Sorry about that! 😀

All you’re going to read in here – if you fancy – is only the truth, nothing else but the truth. For privacy reasons, I’ll do my best to avoid using real names or clear connections to the ones in the stories other than me, although it’ll be easy for the characters involved to recognise themselves. Hope they don’t really mind it, cause I don’t give a s***!

Oh but where were we…? What is this all about?!

Well, this is all about…



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