What is this all About?

My name is Jim and I’m a storyteller.
And not one of those educational and cultural narratives, or one of those who use this technique to build customer loyalty in the advertising business. But one of the shitty ones, a jester kind of dude.

I’m just a regular guy who hates the sound of his own voice, who can’t put his thoughts together and has a very bad addiction for pizza. Did I mention that I’m Italian?!

My story isn’t that much entertaining. I was simply born and raised Italian but since I’ve lived abroad for a while, don’t know how much of it is left in me by now. In fact, when I was a little boy, I earned the nickname “The Brit”, for I didn’t look that much Italian tbh. Except for my roots: deep southern roots.

When I first moved abroad, I started facing awkward circumstances, misunderstandings and bizarre facts, mostly under the same thread: being lost in translation. As languages often play odd tricks, so do relationships at any level. And although time’s passed by, the situation hasn’t changed much.

However, that kid, The Brit, has always had something to tell, something to post about, and although he’s forgotten most of his background, he’s still Italian. (Why am I talking in third person?!)
So here we are: here’s the genius formula (oh shut up!) that gave life to The Britalian Post.

Besides, I’m not the only one: I’m not the only Britalian. The Britalian Post is everybody and nobody at the same time. It’s all the people I’ve met who have gone through the same shit. All the people who have shared with me insane everyday stories; all those common though absurd situations they’ve experienced. That everyday stuff that seems simple but actually hides a lot.
Those pure dreams and genuine aspirations that are shredded by reality as soon as it gets in the fucking way. And it’s mostly unfair they remain buried under a bunch of tweets and nobody tells about them.

Just so you know, I’m no blogger, no writer, no digital savvy, no social media expert, no photographer nor graphic designer. Just some kind of weirdo who’s simply putting into words his or someone else’s stories over daily happenings. For this reason, I wish you’ll forgive me if the blog’s appearance and all the images, the content and the overall structure don’t look pretty and the writing style still needs deep grammatical and syntactical revisions. Sorry ‘bout that!

All you’re going to read in here – if you fancy – is only the truth, nothing else but the truth. Although for privacy reasons, I’ll do my best to avoid using real names or clear connections to the ones in the stories other than me.

So what is this all About?

Well, this is only About.

[Any thoughts, appreciations, suggestions, insults, swear words – or if you just wanna share your story – please feel totally free to pop an email to thebritalianpost@gmail.com or follow The Britalian Post on social media]