A woman

A woman is a fierce example of how a human being can champion bravery, fatigue and pain. A woman who is strong, patient and powerful is more than ordinary.

A woman is thoughtful, much smarter and sharper than any other human being. For a woman, overthinking, processing information, seeing through and deep understanding is more than ordinary.

A woman feels things long before they happen. She carries the burden of being so sensitive and sensible to reality. She carries the burden of her being a woman hitting hard on her body every month. And it’s more than ordinary.

A woman needs to accept that this is the way it is.

A woman cries openly, and publicly, because she needs to suffocate all the tears she drops privately. And she hides, and she fights. And nobody ever knows that this is more than ordinary.

A woman loves, because for a woman, love dramatically pulses from the inside and cracks her mood. And she can still smile. And she can still love. And her love is more than ordinary.

A woman is unique. And she is extraordinary.

And that woman is the one I call mum.

Happy International Women’s Day!!!

The Britalian Post

Do you see me?

Hey there!

I’m pleased to write this appreciation article to thank you all for reading and following The Britalian Post. If I read the metrics correctly, there have been over 2,000 views and more than 900 visitors since the very beginning. And this is awesome!

I’m kind of feeling like I’m becoming a proper blogger, like the ones who are so witty when sharing fair opinions and astonishing facts, and can have a wide reach with the audience. I’m feeling like I’m kind of popular, like I have people valuing my words – all that I present, all that I tell. I’m feeling like I can freely start chatting and many will be carefully and passionately listening. I’m feeling like I’m getting lots of e-friends I can share shit with. 

It’s like my stories are brought to life and the characters are becoming real. I can see them turning into a human shape, I can see their flesh, their movements, their expressions, their attitude, and I’m so proud I didn’t have to do anything else but writing. Damn it was that easy!

I’ve got company now. I’ve got smiles and pats on my back. I’ve got someone who pays me a visit, someone I can truly rely on.

Among many others, I start waving at them, calling their names, pointing to their direction:

‘Hey! Hey there! I’m here, do you see me?
Hey, hey do you see me?


The Britalian Post

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