I’m staying

Spent last night at Leadenhall Market among a bunch of drunk-ass smart-dressed City chaps celebrating a birthday.

For the first half or so, I was shyly hiding behind a friend for feeling too out of context and totally unable to fit in, and for a moment, I started thinking: should I stay or should I go?

The environment of the City, which sometimes you feel like being a boastful space full of cocky and materialistic blowhards, appears to be a tight-knit circle where prejudice and discrimination connotate the general opinion towards strangers, or immigrants. A person like me – with that accent and not dressed up alike – surely catches their attention, and thus their ire.

Turns out I was a victim of my own prejudice.

It simply was a great night – I was dragged in hilarious jokes, interesting chats and drunken group singing. I was treated equally and why would it be otherwise?

For how different our worlds can be, most times our own prejudice clouds our own judgement.

So, honestly, doesn’t matter what Theresa May says or does, what people voted for or didn’t.

I’m staying.

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