Find somebody worth dating

“I never seem to find anybody worth dating and investing my time in…”, she claimed, putting on a blue smile while dealing with the consequences of her own words.

That night, the view from the rooftop in Peckham was stunning and the city lights illuminated a distance where mixed memories were chasing after one another. And the more she stared, the more she would brood over them.

If you have a think through, we’ll never know if somebody is worth our attention until we set ourselves free of the disappointments from past relationships and give others an opportunity.

She is a friend of mine – a little snobby and snotty but a very naive and funny character overall. I’ve never seen her down or sad about something; I’ve rarely heard her bringing up problems, and she’s always talked about them with a strong positivity. Although love pains lie deep inside and not all of us are always comfortable with sharing them.

The last time she fell for somebody ended up with a disastrous finale.

She was hitting on this Dutch guy who used to work in her same building for months. He did like her back but wasn’t really returning her attention and seemed to be actually quite stiff when it came to drawing conclusions. Anyway, this inconstant and illegible behaviour set her off really badly and on the last time they saw each other, on the occasion of free drinks at the co-working space, she shouted at him damn loud for not being able to man up and make decisions and scared the shit out of him so much that the guy moved to another co-working space eventually.


However the minor delusion, the situation still had an impact on her already fragile feelings, making her doubt once again the possibility of any new rising relationship and denying other people any opportunity to find their way into her life.

Even though her reaction was understandable but somehow unjust, she was very right about one thing: you’ll never find anybody worth dating.

Most times it’s not about giving other people an opportunity. It’s just about giving that opportunity to ourselves.

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