In review: Some Good Fish&Chips!

It bugs me when people ask where they can find some good fish and chips in town.

I’m not sure they realise that it’s just some bulk-supplied fried cod or haddock and giant bags of frozen chips bought from a wholesale marketplace who guarantees (so they say) fine quality and best-in-class supplies. It’s a combination of fried food with other fried food covered in sugary and high-calorie sauces over sauces with a strong and long-lasting garlicy Tartare flavour – no different than any other junk food chain you’re going to find out there (McDonald’s, KFC, etc.).

But people seem to love it! And they still think that it can rank as a local culinary speciality. It’s junk food, mate!

I say it doesn’t matter where you’re going to get it, fish and chips is always going to be extremely oily, greasy and smelly. So listen up! If you’re in the mood for it, find below 3 spots I’ve been to that you might want to check out yourself.

So let’s got for some good Fish&Chips, shall we?


Wetherspoons is probably the #1 UK pub chain.

Within their wide breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, they serve both small and large fish and chips and I believe you get to choose if you want mushy peas or regular.

Price is decent, the taste is just as plain and oily as all other fish and chips.

Please do note that Wetherspoons’s food quality changes from bar to bar: meaning that, it can be even worse than what you expect!

Link here.


With 3 different locations in town – Soho, Spitafields and Camden – Poppies prides itself on its authenticity and is the go-to spot if you want to have some exceptional fish and chips in a 1950s vibe.

The retro decor makes of it a peculiar restaurant for tourists (a well-built tourist trap) who are looking for some “terrific” local food.

The menu gives you many options and lets you choose between cod or haddock – unless you’re really after a halibut.

(What da heck is a halibut?!)

Link here.


Wow – apparently ‘the freshest fish and the finest homemade pies’!

Their dishes are actually glowing in fried fish, mostly cod or haddock (just for a change), and definitely present themselves with an exquisite flavour due to their special home-made batter.

As said above, they also have a selection of authentic British pies and sausages – all sunk in gravy.

The chips are also so gently and freshly fried!

Link here.

Do you also have some tips for good fish and chips in town? Please do comment below and let us know where we can get some delicious fried fish with fried chips for a unique and unforgettable fried combo!

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