The 5 second rule

Some people really say odd stuff when approaching somebody they like.

For instance, I personally freak out and start struggling with my English – so I’m likely to talk crap. In fact, I believe we should count to 5 at least before spitting out random words.

But there’s worse.

I met this girl last Thursday at the Revolution Bar in Bank who approached me by making a really awkward entrance.

After making some comments on my rings, she went on asking if I was a peaceful person.

I counted to 5, answered positively and she carefully listened. But then she came close to my face spreading her eyelids wide open, and very nervously croaked:

I had barely 5 seconds to say something right and save myself.

“Erm…”, 4 seconds now.

COME ON, TELL ME, TELL ME DAMN WHY?!”, she shouted.

2 seconds – my English was crashing and I was going to screw up.

1 second. It’s over! Come on Jim, say anything…

I opened my mouth and stammered: “perhaps, it’s because of this city being too… stressful…?!”

She started literally growling and put that serial killer type of face on. I thought she would start hitting me badly when she suddenly calmed down and tamely whispered: “Yeah, I think you’re right… Btw, what’s your name?”

In those 5 seconds preceding my answer, I looked at her and realised she not only was very young (and pretty), she was also new to the work environment and that super fast-paced London life. She was dealing with being far from friends and family, with new responsibilities, with loneliness – and perhaps, with that tremendous fear of growing up. And maybe that night she only needed to act out for 5 seconds.

Or she was just crazy as fuck!!!

“Erm…Sorry, I should probably go…”

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